Take Your Poster Presentations from Dead to Dynamic!
Working with designers and print shops to produce a one-use poster for a conference is expensive and can be a hassle. The Digital Poster Center makes it easy for authors to create dynamic presentations and helps them save a couple hundred bucks or more in design and printing costs while theyíre at it.
Itís about working smarter not harder. Itís about leveraging technology to your advantage. Itís about maximum impact and minimum hassle. And best of all, itís simple. Your abstract is easily imported and a poster is automatically drafted. At your convenience, you view it online and put the finishing touches on it, including importing digital video, charts and images. Then all you have to do is approve it. Once youíve approved your poster, itís ready for interactive viewing on the conference kiosk or in your research archives.

Dynamic posters. Smart Savings. Simply Convenient.
• Automatically import abstract information to poster template or create from scratch
• Capitalize on dynamic multimedia capabilities (add images, digital video, graphs, etc.)
• Choose from 3 and 4 column templates
• Eliminate design and printing costs and the inconvenience of getting a poster tube through airport security
• Increase the total number of potential acceptances ( by removing the barriers of time & money)
• Search for posters by title, author, file number or conference

Itís easy to revive your poster presentations with the Digital Poster Center. Call us for a free financial analysis to see how much you can save at your next conference. 1-888-748-0668 Go Digital