A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence
The Digital Poster Center is a spin-off subsidiary of Neo Code Software. After serving conference planners and poster session service companies for a number of years, it became clear that there was the need for more comprehensive software support. Clients wanted poster sessions that sizzled instead of fizzled. They were tired and frustrated with all the wasted time and money of conventional poster presentations. We responded by creating the Digital Poster Center and developing the software solutions that take presentations from dead to dynamic, transform posters into valuable CME assets, and give them a post-conference afterlife.

To date, the Digital Poster Center has supported poster sessions for as few as 50 presentations and as many as 900. Our peer review system can handle rank ordering 10,000 abstract submissions with ease. Our abstract submission and peer review processes are sophisticated enough to manage multiple conferences through a single administrative interface. Our Premier Client Program is a direct reflection of our commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation.

Whether you are looking for an entire solution or just need support in one arena, our Abstract Management, Poster, Kiosk and Archive applications are designed to meet your preferences, fit your budget, and exceed your expectations. We look forward to the opportunity to show you a better way. 1-888-748-0668 Go Digital