Comprehensive Abstract Management & Peer Review Solutions
The Digital Poster Center abstract management system is designed with the authorís, reviewerís and organizerís needs in mind. The entire submission process has been streamlined and automated to save everyone valuable time and money. Every step of the way, weíll show you a better way.

Simply Smart, Streamlined Efficiency.
• Automatically creates authorís username, password and generates email confirmation
• Collects key ancillary details (i.e. disclosures, format and scheduling preferences)
• Computes abstract scoring, including batch or individual scores, composite scores for multiple peer reviews per abstract, details view by reviewer with standard deviation and supports 5 numerical rating criteria
• Enables convenient anytime, anywhere access to abstracts and scheduling tools
• Facilitates peer review process and applications for awards consideration, lists assigned and completed abstracts
• Features automated submission rankings
• Manages email: internal and external tracking, 'Invitation to Present' notifications and acceptance tracking with links to relevant websites
• Provides chair assignment of reviewer by subject categories, range of abstract numbers, or both in combination
• Supports multimedia uploads, multiple presentation formats, multiple submissions categories, multiple research attributes, multiple author identifications, affiliations and classifications for role, disclosures of funding, review boards and more