Welcome to the Digital Poster Center
From abstract management to archives and anywhere in between, the Digital Poster Center has the software solution to enliven your presentations, streamline work flow, reduce related costs, and turn your posters into enduring assets. Conference hosts and planners, research chairs, presenting authors, delegates, members, exhibitors and sponsors can all reap the benefits of going digital.

Everyone Wins When You Go Digital!

Smart Savings.
• Eliminates printing costs and reduces facility expenses
• Enhances membership benefits > improves renewal rates
• Improves overall conference experience > optimizes exhibitor and sponsor retention
• Minimizes presenter "no shows"

Streamlined Organization.
• Eliminates the time and cost of abstract book production and distribution
• Eradicates the work of poster acceptance, scheduling, mounting and removal
• Offers ongoing technical support
• Provides a constant data back-up

Powerful Functionality.
• Incorporates the conventional user functionality of an abstract management system, right down to the automated attendance confirmation
• Eliminates the need for a poster session schedule and time consuming coordination of presenter schedule preferences.
• Enables you to allow delegates to access any poster at any time during the conference

Effortless Efficiency.
• Eliminates the time, cost and inconvenience of preparing a physical poster
• Enlivens your poster with dynamic multimedia capabilities
• Expands your potential audience via archives & PDF email cap[abilities
• Extends the life of your poster with online archive and CME options

Empowering Interactivity.
• Empowers delegates to search poster kiosk at their convenience
• Enables easy post-conference follow-up and research via archives

Take your next research meeting, congress or conference to the next level with the Digital Poster Center. Call us for a free financial analysis of how much you can save at your next conference. 1.888.748.0668 Go Digital